Meet Hound & Bone

Image: Cassie, Peter & Dash by Tatanja Ross.

Hound & Bone Studio was founded by Peter Daniells and Cassie Bone in 2016. With respective experience in digital imaging and arts management, we were moved by the idea that excellence in fine art printing could come with a warm and personable process.

Peter’s visual art background serves him well to understand Hound & Bone’s clients’ needs and goals. Over a decade of experience in fine art printing underscores his eagle eye for detail. Cassie comes from an arts management background, and she’s a born organizer and extreme perfectionist (you’ll thank her for it!). Our 10-year-old greyhound, Dash, is the studio meeter and greeter.

As a small business, we are mindful of the services and materials we use, ensuring that our choices support our community and reflect our values.

Measure twice, cut once —
Do something once, and do it right. Taking this deliberate approach may make for a slower process, but it’s our way of respecting both your artwork and the environmental impact of our materials. For us it’s all about minimising waste, while also bringing unabashed reverence to each job. 

Small is good —
We don't do it all. Nor do we promise to. We aren’t a one-stop-shop or a huge production house, and we don’t have aspirations to be. We are an intentionally small studio and we stick to what we know — and what we know, we know well. Honing our focus means we can produce our best work, and do justice to yours.

Champion craftsmanship —
We don’t do it all, but we’ll always vouch for excellent people who offer complimentary pieces of the puzzle. We believe in supporting small and championing craftsmanship, and have friends in adjacent industries who are masters of their trade. For instance we love to showcase local framers in our studio space, and are always happy to share their details with you.

Open process —
We believe that all artists — established, emerging, or simply lifelong enthusiasts — should have what they need to feel comfortable and confident about the digitisation and printing of their artworks. We are here for transparent processes and prices, and aim always to be warm and approachable to the varied people and projects we serve. Life is too short for stuffiness! Seeing creativity thrive is what we’re here for.

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We work on the unceded land of the Wurundjeri people. Always was, always will be.
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