Image: ‘Journey’ by Helen Castles, photo by Tatanja Ross.

Having your artwork professionally digitised is an invaluable investment in your creative practice. In an increasingly digital world where encounters with art are often mediated via screens, the importance of a good file cannot be overstated. Regardless of the original format—a physical artwork, a digital photograph, a film scan, an artefact or photograph requiring restoration—we can create, prepare, and perfect your file for the best possible outcome.

At the centre of our process is a 25x18” flatbed scanner designed specifically for artwork scanning. Unlike conventional flatbeds, it’s outfitted with two LED lamps. Thanks to the dual lighting system and inbuilt diffusors, we can reproduce otherwise tricky media, such as artworks with variable textures and reflective qualities. Our scanner produces pin-sharp scans at a maximum resolution of 1200 pixels per pinch (true optical resolution), and we can typically scan artworks up to A0 in size.

Artwork Scanning —
We offer three different scanning services, carefully tailored to meet various needs: Artwork Reproduction Scans, Standard Edit Scans, and Raw Scans. Depending on your requirements, we can guide you to the artwork scanning service that best suits your desired end goal - whether that be a perfectly colour balanced fine art print or a no-frills scan for archiving.

1.Artwork Reproduction Scan
Our specialty. We scan, retouch, colour balance and proof your file. The endgame is a meticulous print-ready file with remarkable fidelity to your original artwork. To create the perfect fine art print, this is the only way to go.
Standard Edit Scan
A raw scan, plus dust & scratch removal and simple image adjustments. Suited to projects that will be printed commercially (books, cards, fabric, etc) or experienced digitally (websites, catalogues, etc).  
Raw Scan
We crop, straighten, and composite multiple passes for larger scans. No additional edits are made. Ideal for those proficient at editing their own images or who simply need a file for digital archiving.

Print-ready file preparation —

We’ll prepare your file for print. The process varies depending on your preferences, but typically includes tasks such as resizing, straightening, cropping, and/or adding borders. Additionally, we offer the option to create 'file libraries' for clients who print editions on demand. This involves creating print-ready files for every size offered in the edition, and adding digital signatures to your files (should you wish).

Detailed retouching —
Fine-grained digital imaging for optimal print results. We can remove background tone and texture from artwork scans; remove dust and scratches, make colour cast corrections and perform colour balancing, correct chromatic aberration and banding, perform digital compositing, safely resample (enlarge) images, & more. We can also do this with you present as part of our consulting services.

Digital restoration —
We can scan and digitally repair photographs and artefacts that have been damaged or are showing signs of age. This might involve digitally repairing creases, scratches or tears, retouching damage caused by water, stains or UV exposure, and recovery of missing elements and backgrounds. Of course, we can then produce prints from any of your restored files.

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