2. Digitisation / Scanning

What’s the best way to make prints of my artwork?
The secret to an exceptional print is an exceptional file. Digitisation isn’t something to skimp on; if done correctly the first time, you'll only ever need to do it once. Reproducing artwork requires a specific skill set that goes beyond simply having access to an excellent scanner or camera. It is a process that should be entrusted to experienced professionals. We've encountered many instances where people have had their art digitised, only to find the files received don’t meet the standards required to produce fine art prints. It's crucial to work with fine art printing professionals to create fine art prints of the highest standard.

I live interstate, can I send you my artwork for scanning/art reproduction?
Yes, certainly! We work with a lot of interstate clients. You just need to package it up securely and post it to us. We’ll let you know when the artwork has arrived and what to expect. When the scans are done, we’ll post your work back to you. We’ll take every precaution to package your artwork safely, but we are not responsible for any damage sustained in transit.

Is a rush service available for artwork reproduction scans?
No - little good comes from rushing a full-service art reproduction job. It’s a painstaking job (that we love) and it demands time and careful attention.

Can you scan framed items, or anything that’s behind glass?
We can't scan items behind glass for a number of reasons, so if you wish to have a framed item scanned it will need to be removed from the frame prior to scanning.  We do ask that all artworks arrive at the studio already removed from the frame - we will not take on the responsibility of de-installing framed items. If the artwork or the frame is particularly old and/or valuable, we suggest taking it to an experienced framer for disassembly.

Float-framed canvases (with no glass) do not need to be disassembled; so long as the surface of the artwork is flush with the floating frame, we can scan them without issue.
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