3. Postage & Print Handling

How are my prints packed for postage?
Prints smaller than A2 are packaged in archival polypropylene sleeves and mailed inside a super-strong triple-fold mailer box. Larger prints are carefully rolled in buffered archival tissue and shipped in strong mailing tubes.

How should I handle fine art prints?
With love and care, that’s how we make them! They're precious, and with the correct care, they will last a lifetime. All orders (except those drop-shipped) are accompanied by detailed care instructions. 
Our main tips: Frame your prints as soon as possible. If this isn't possible please keep them in the protective archival sleeve/sheet until framed. Handle prints minimally, and if you must handle them, only touch the edges, never the printed area.

How do I flatten my print that arrived rolled?
Rolled prints will flatten soon enough due to surface volume and the weight of the stock if left to rest on a flat surface (print-side-up, always). However, we recommend handing your print to your framer in the original packaging and leaving the handling and flattening to them - they’ll have plenty of experience with this! Whatever you do, don’t roll your print in the opposite direction to the way it was rolled when you received it - you risk causing permanent bends in the thick fine art paper and damage to the pigment.
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