Print File Requirements

Image: Pete trimming ‘Matters of the Heart’ by Charlotte Alldis, photo by Tatanja Ross.

We personally check each file submitted - this careful attention plays an essential role in ensuring you get the best print result. Resizing within the same ratio (e.g., A3 to A4) and color space conversions are provided free of charge. Edits beyond this are charged at $90 per hour, billed in 5 minute / $7.50 increments - to keep it fair and economical for jobs of all sizes and complexities. 

File Requirements for print-ready files (DIY)

We welcome print-ready files - the below checklist will put you in good stead.
Print Ready File Requirements

  • Submit either TIFF, JPEG, PSD/PSB formats
  • Layers are flattened
  • Files are in an RGB colourspace: sRGB, Adobe RGB (1998), P3 (CMYK is fine if your artwork is originally created in this colourspace)
  • Individual images/prints are subitted as individual files
  • Files are sized to their exact print dimensions, including desired borders
  • Files are at their native resolution (not resampled)
  • Files are in either 8 or 16bit 
  • File names follow the convention ‘ArtworkName_PrintSize’

File Requirements for assisted file setup

We’re here to help, and will gladly set up your files for you! However, it's important to adhere to some basic guidelines when sending us files. Keeping these guidelines in mind will reduce the time spent on file preparation (saving us time and you money), and ensure we can start promptly without needing to ask for resubmission of your source file.

Please do not:

  • Submit PNG, PDF, AI, EPS, SVG, INDD or any RAW file formats
  • Submit files with an embedded ICC printer profile
  • Convert your file from RGB to CMYK
  • Include crop marks or printers marks
  • Include bleed in your files
  • Resample your images to increase their resolution
  • Submit 32-bit files
  • Compile mutiple images in one file and request they be trimmed to individual prints
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