File Setup Requirements


Preparing your files for fine art printing requires a few simple steps, so we’ve put together some handy information to get you started.  If you would like to save yourself the trouble, we are always happy to prepare your files for you. Otherwise, forge ahead with the info below!

What is a print-ready file?


A print-ready file requires no changes prior to printing. Primarily, this means it is already sized to your desired print size – but there are also a few other basic steps to follow.

For your file to be considered 'print-ready', it must meet the following conditions.  


Peter rolls a fine art print and wraps it in protective film.

Print-ready checklist


File type:

TIFF, PSD/PSB or JPEG. Any layers must flattened.



sRGB or Adobe RGB (1998)


Image dimensions:

That of your desired print size, including any border you'd like (eg: for an A4 print, your file should be 297 x 210mm).



None. Please size your files to their exact finished size, with no additional bleed.



Between 180 and 360ppi (pixels per inch). Do not resample your files to increase resolution – submit them at their native resolution. 


Crop marks: