Terms of Service

Copyright Policy
In accordance with Australian copyright law, a person who owns copyright of a work/artwork has the exclusive rights to produce copies of that work.  The copyright owner may also allow others to make copies of their work. To legally produce copies of another person’s artwork, you must have the express permission of the creator/copyright holder. It is your responsibility to ensure you have this permission. 

Hound & Bone will not be held liable for any breach of copyright that you may commit in copying any material that may be owned by another person. We may ask that we see written permission from the copyright holder/artwork creator should we have any doubts about the ownership of the artworks we are asked to produce prints of. We reserve the right to cancel your project on grounds of potential copyright infringement.

Protection of your Intellectual Property
As a print business we are entrusted with sensitive, valuable materials on a daily basis – and it’s our job to treat those materials carefully with the utmost respect. It’s also our job to understand what we can and can’t do with those materials. We’ll always seek your consent to to use or share any image that features your artwork. In other words, there’s no fine print somewhere that states we have permission unless you say otherwise. 

When you place a print order with Hound & Bone, you will be asked if you would like us to keep a copy of your files (in case you wish to order reprints in future). You retain full copyright of your files at all times. If you want your files to be permanently removed from our drive, we can action this at your request. Note: If you wish to re-print and have previously asked us not to archive your file, a file setup process and fee will again apply.

Care and handing of original artworks and artefacts
While all possible care is taken when handling and storing original artworks, we cannot take responsibility for incidental damage or accidental damage, or damage/loss through theft, fire, flood and/or other unforeseen events. While it is very unlikely that any damage will occur, and all possible measures are taken to protect artworks, we cannot guarantee that artworks involving very delicate, transferable or unaffixed/unsecured media will always return to you in their original state. By leaving artworks in our care, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

Handling of framed artworks (scanning orders)
Artworks for scanning must arrive at the studio already removed from their frame. We will not take on the responsibility/risk of de-installing framed items. If the artwork or frame is particularly old and/or valuable, we suggest taking it to an experienced framer for disassembly. We can recommend framers who offer this service.

Working with fine art materials / managing print imperfections
Even the finest quality art papers can be subject to material and manufacturer imperfections, however, we have quality control measures in place to manage any such imperfections. One common issue is ‘pigment lift’, which appears as a tiny white dot in an otherwise inked area. This is caused by a speck of dust being printed over and lifting later, or it can be caused by a minor coating error in the paper. It mostly occurs immediately after printing, sometimes a few days after printing. If pigment lift should occur within one week (7 days) of the date of print production, we will reprint your order at no cost. 
If pigment lift occurs after this period, it is most likely caused by improper storage or handling of your print. Should pigment lift occur after the seven day period, a replacement print can be ordered but will be charged in full. 

Prints are inspected prior to leaving the studio to ensure they are in pristine condition, and care instructions are provided with each order (except in the case of dropship orders). We cannot accept responsibility for any prints damaged through poor handling, or improper transit or storage practices.

File Retention Policy
While we do back up the files we handle, we cannot do so indefinitely. Below are the thresholds for file deletion:

  • Print files: deleted if inactive for 2 years (inactive = no reprints made from the file).
  • Raw scan files: deleted 30 days after the invoice date.
  • Artwork reproduction files: moved to offline storage after 1 year, deleted 2 years after the invoice date. A retrieval charge of $30 will apply for files moved to offline storage.

It is your responsibility to ensure you have independent back ups of your files. While we do back up files, we are not obliged to do so and we are in no way responsible for the management, maintenance and/or storage of your intellectual property.

Managing expectation outcomes for custom-printed goods
All print files undergo careful review during the order confirmation process. If we identify any issues that may affect the quality of the outcome, we will notify you in writing before raising an invoice. In such cases, we will recommend test printing before proceeding with the final print order. If you decide to forgo the test print process against our advice, we cannot accept responsibility should you be dissatisfied with the printed outcome.

Refund Policy
Refunds are handled on a case-by-case basis. We will work with you to resolve any problems, should they arise.

ABN Details
C.C. Bone & P.B. Daniells trading as Hound & Bone. ABN 56 151 180 096.

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