7. Intellectual Property & Copright

How do I know you won’t reproduce my work without my permission?
As a fine art studio, we are entrusted with sensitive and valuable intellectual property, so we take copyright matters very seriously. You can read more about our copyright policy here. And, just to brag a little, we're pretty good at catching people trying to print artwork that isn't theirs. We’ve been victims of copyright infringement on multiple occasions, and it’s the pits - but it’s very easy to identify and we have zero qualms when it comes to calling people out. So not only do we respect your IP, but we’ll personally go to bat for you if someone tries to print your work without your consent.

Will images of my work be used on your website/social media/etc.?
Never without your consent. We always seek permission (in other words, there’s no fine print somewhere that states we have permission unless you say otherwise) to use or share any image that features your artwork.

Can I print someone else’s artwork?
Not unless you have permission from the copyright owner. If you’ve commissioned the artwork or purchased the rights to print an existing artwork, we will ask to see the agreement between you and the artist. If we have any concerns about the origins of an image, we reserve the right to decline your order.
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