Packaging & Finishing

Edge Deckling (torn edges)
Deckled edges give your prints a unique, handmade finish. We can deckle prints of any size, all sides or not, and we can customise the deckle to be subtle, or more exaggerated. Edge deckling doesn’t carry an additional cost, however you may need to print on oversized media and/or adjust your files to achieve a deckled finish. 

Hound & Bone Certificates of Authenticity

$4.00 each (must be ordered with prints) 
A6 in size and printed on a 350gsm card stock. COA’s are pre-printed, with edition details to be filled in by hand and the certificate signed by the artist.

Adhesive Exhibition Panels (42” roll)

$1.30 per centimetre; minimum run 30cm ($39.00)
A polyester-based adhesive inkjet material that offers a high quality yet cost efficient solution for didactic panels and other contextual media. It can be adhered to many surfaces and re-positioned/reused without leaving residue. 100% non-toxic and biodegradable.

Clear Polyester Film (24” roll)
$0.80 per centimetre; minimum run 30cm ($24.00)
A clear polyester film, primarly used for screen separations but also suited to lightbox use.  

Print Packaging 

Our packaging options are simple, strong and sustainable – the trifecta.
These items are available for purchase as add-ons to print orders (not sold separately). 

Backing Boards

Size (mm)  

Price (ea)

A5148 x 210$0.80A4
210 x 297$1.00
A3297 x 420$1.20A2420 x 594$3.00

Mailer Boxes Our mailer boxes have adjustable depths, and can fit from one to 40 prints. Available for studio collection only.


Internal Size (mm) 

Price (ea)

B5180 x 240$3.50
A3 310 x 430$4.50

Mailer Tubes Available for studio collection only.


Price (ea)

650 x 90mm
A2 and approx.$5.50
750 x 90mm
A1, 24” prints.
1000 x 154mm
A0, 36” prints.
1220 x 154mm
44” prints$15.00

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