For artists chasing the perfect print.

Hound & Bone is a fine art print studio that works with artists to create incredible artwork reproductions and archival pigment prints

We love to see photographs and artworks living a rich printed life — off the screen and into living, breathing spaces.


Fine art printing is an art in itself.

The expertise of the studio makes all the difference to the print. From making sure your files are in the best shape possible, to sourcing the best materials, to understanding the quirks of large format printers, to precise colour management - there’s a huge amount of know-how needed to get the job done right. We’ve spent over a decade refining our skills and knowledge, ensuring we dedicate as much time and care to your prints as you do to your art.

We recognise the diverse needs of artists and accept projects of all sizes - from one-off personal pieces through to large volume print editions.

Transform your creativity into museum grade fine art prints.

Large Format, High Resolution.

Whether you need a simple scan for preservation, a photograph repaired and restored, or a perfectly color-balanced print file to create a perfect print edition, our equipment and experience will ensure that your hard work is accurately and immaculately represented. We have an incredible large-format flatbed scanner and a wealth of digital imaging tricks up our sleeves.

We offer everything from basic digitisation to fine grained, full service artwork reproduction.

Discover precision with our artwork scanning services.

Craftsmanship and care.

There’s an art to what we do. Beyond just equipment, knowledge and materials, the process also demands an innate creative eye and a respect for the artistic process. 

We are proud to be a Hahnemühle Certified Studio. This certification, part of the Hahnemühle Certified Studio Program, recognises the best print studios worldwide. It acknowledges our commitment to printing excellence, consistent quality, and outstanding service. We care deeply about what we do, and believe that there is an enriching reciprocity between your craft and ours.

Meet Hound & Bone.

We’ve made prints for —

Abbey Rich, Alex Hotchin, Alice Oehr, Allison Colpoys, Annie Walter, Ashley Ronning, Bec Smith, Beci Orpin, Billy Gibney, Carla McRae, Cat Rabbit, Charlotte Alldis, Claire Ritchie, Creature Creature, Daniel Boyd, David Booth (Ghost Patrol), Edith Rewa, Ellen Porteus, Elrosabel, Emil Canita, Emma Currie, Evie Cahir, Fern Siebler, Flora Waycott, Frances Cannon, Indigo O’Rourke, Janelle Low, JAC AND, Jess Brohier, Jordan Debney, Kayla Coombs, Kim Hyunji, Libby Haines, Luke John Matthew Arnold, Luke Cody, Madeleine Joy Dawes, Marc Martin, Mark Conlan, Martina Gemmola, Matt Chun, Mosey Me, Neva Hosking, Paul Milinski, Pey Chi, Robert Bowers, Robert Duxbury, Samantha Everton, Stacey Rees, Timba Smits, Tim Molloy & more.

Every artwork is unique, every project has it’s nuances, and we doggedly pursue perfection down to the finest detail.

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We work on the unceded land of the Wurundjeri people. Always was, always will be.
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