Photo & Artefact Restoration

We can scan and digitally repair photographs and artefacts (certificates, plans, deeds, documents, etc) that have been damaged or are showing signs of age. This might involve digitally repairing creases/tears, retouching damage caused by water/stains/UV exposure, dust and scratch removal, and/or recovery of missing elements and backgrounds. Of course, we can then produce prints from any of your restored files.

Deliverables: An edited masterfile (TIFF or PSB) and a raw scan.
Turn-around time: 3-5 working days, with the turn-around increasing with the number of artworks in your order. 

Raw scan cost, below, plus $90 per hour for file restoration, with a minimum of 30 minutes ($45). 

Size (approx.)
600ppi resolution
1200ppi resolution
A3 $25.00$40.00A2$35.00$50.00A1  $60.00$90.00A0 $100.00$140.00

We work on the unceded land of the Wurundjeri people. Always was, always will be.
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