Digital Imaging Services


Whether you create your artwork digitally, have a file from a film scan, an artefact in need of restoration or a physical artwork – we can prepare and perfect your files for you.

We have over a decade of experience in digital imaging and a whole lot of tricks up our sleeve.

Our digital imaging services include, but are not limited to:


Such as resizing, straightening, cropping and/or adding borders, background tone/texture removal; dust and scratch removal, and output adjustments.

Professional resampling (not that the availability of this service is dependent on the quality of the source material).

Merging/'stitching' of files that have been captured in sections, to create a complete image

Image Consulting (Screen-based consultations)


We offer screen-based consultations for those seeking more hands-on guidance with editing and/or workflow, or preparing for an exhibition. These are practical, participatory sessions during which we assess, edit and proof your files in consultation with you. These consultations have a minimum duration of 60 minutes.



Booking our digital imaging services


Digital imaging services may form a part of your print order, in which case we’ll discuss the work involved when we receive your order. For other retouching needs, please send us some information about your project so that we can get an understanding of your needs and desired outcomes. From there we can explain the process, time frame and cost.



Our digital imaging services are billed in five-minute increments to keep it fair and economical for jobs of all sizes and complexities. We publish a Services Guide which comprehensively details all of our services and pricing. You can request a copy via our contact form.

For more information about digital imaging or any of our other services, drop us a line.
We'd love to hear from you.