Test Printing

The purpose of test prints is to show you exactly how your file is translating from screen to print before proceeding with a new print, a run of prints, or a large-scale final print. It’s also a great option to experiment with different paper types, allowing you to compare how different textures and finishes enhance your image.

Test prints are offered in two sizes; all necessary file setup is included in the cost.

A4 Sheet Test Print$12.50; includes all necessary file setup.
We can scale your entire image down to the printable area*, and/or size your image to the final intended size and print a cropped section.
* The printable area for A4 test prints is 267 x 203mm.

Roll Test Print
24 x 8”: $20.00; includes all necessary file setup.
Specifically suited to large scale prints; that is, prints with a final size in excess of A2. A section of your image is printed at 100% (i.e. final intended size). 
One strip must be ordered per image; we cannot print multiple images onto one test strip.

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