Raw Scans

Raw scans are unedited scans, straight off the flatbed. This service useful for clients who are proficient at editing their own images, or who simply want their artwork digitised for perpetuity. We’ll scan your artwork and provide you with an un-edited, high resolution file. These scans are not suitable for sending straight to print. We crop and straighten, and composite multiple passes for larger scans. No other edits are made.

Deliverables: An unedited raw scan (TIFF or PSB), sent via WeTransfer.
Turn-around time: 1-2 working days, with the turn-around increasing with the number of artworks in your order. 

If your artwork differs in size to the sizes listed below, it will be approximated to the nearest A-series size.

Size (approx.)
600ppi resolution
1200ppi resolution
A3 $25.00$40.00A2$35.00$50.00A1  $60.00$90.00A0 $100.00$140.00 Key
Involves multiple passes, which are digitally composited. All necessary compositing is included in our pricing.
Not available for stretched canvases or artworks created on rigid media (i.e. board/panels).

Editing Assistance for Raw Scans
Any editing advice or assistance you request for your raw scans will be billed at our Digital Imaging rate of $90 per hour
If you are not well versed in retouching/digital imaging, we strongly suggest opting for either Standard Edit scans or Artwork Reproduction scans.
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